Certificate in Insurance

Building knowledge, developing core competence

The Certificate in Insurance is a core qualification for insurance staff working across all sectors of the industry (and the logical progression from the introductory-level Award for the Foundation Insurance Test).
It provides a grounding in:

  • basic insurance principles including the regulatory environment;
  • the key insurance disciplines of underwriting and claims; and
  • popular products including: motor, household, healthcare and packaged commercial insurances
  • London market legislation, regulation, market practice and distribution for those starting work in or having dealings with this market.

The Certificate in Insurance allows you to develop the knowledge and confidence you need before you begin to focus your subsequent studies and specialise according to your ambitions and career requirements.

Who it's for

The Certificate is open to anyone, irrespective of educational background or experience. It is suitable for a diverse range of people, including:

  • Anyone wishing to gain a broad understanding of insurance principles, key disciplines and products.
  • Employees who have no formal insurance qualifications but wish to objectively demonstrate insurance knowledge and understanding.
  • Anyone working in specific technical claims handling or underwriting roles within a call or service centre environment.
  • Insurance staff employed in support functions such as human resources, marketing, IT and finance, wishing to develop an understanding of the industry in which they work.
  • Staff working for an organisation whose primary business is not insurance, but which offers insurance advice and products as part of its overall service to customers.

Diploma in Insurance

Enhancing technical knowledge and understanding

The Diploma in Insurance is a technical and supervisory qualification for insurance staff working across all sectors of the industry (and the logical progression from the Certificate in Insurance). The Diploma will provide you with a firm understanding of insurance fundamentals and will enable you to build towards advanced technical knowledge, thereby ensuring you have the means to function effectively in a challenging environment.
Upon completion you will be awarded the Diploma in Insurance and be eligible to use the designation 'Dip CII'® or 'Dip CII (Claims)' should you have passed (820) Advanced claims or (P85/M85) Claims practice (CII membership and Continuing Professional Development requirements apply).
In addition to being a valuable qualification in its own right, the Diploma can also be a milestone on the route to completion of the Advanced Diploma. In completing the Diploma you will gain credits that can count towards the Advanced Diploma (subject to the completion requirements).

Who it's for

The Diploma in Insurance is appropriate for:

  • Insurance technicians and those who aspire to be technicians.
  • Supervisors, team leaders and those with long-term ambitions of assuming managerial responsibilities.
  • Anyone wishing to hold a recognised, respected insurance qualification.
  • Insurance staff employed in support functions wishing to develop their knowledge of the business.
  • Those wanting to develop their knowledge and understanding as part of a progression towards completion of the Advanced Diploma in Insurance and Chartered status.

Advanced Diploma in Insurance

Putting professionalism into practice

The Advanced Diploma in Insurance is a professional qualification providing an enhanced understanding of insurance practice, both technical subject matter and overall application skills.
The Advanced Diploma is a comprehensive assessment of market knowledge and understanding. In becoming Advanced Diploma qualified you join the community of proven insurance professionals. It is evidence of your purpose, commitment and ability.
It can be your passport to a successful and fulfilling career.
Upon completion you will be entitled to use the designation 'ACII' (CII membership and Continuing Professional Development requirements apply).

Who it's for

The Advanced Diploma in Insurance is appropriate for:

  • Today's insurance managers and technical specialists;
  • Staff with aspirations to become managers in the future;
  • Those employees who wish to demonstrate their professional standing;
  • Insurance employees without another professional qualification and those who wish to build upon existing general academic qualifications, such as a degree, by obtaining an industry-specific qualification.


The Fellowship programme demonstrates a commitment to further self improvement.

Fellowship of the CII is universally regarded as the premier qualification for those working in the insurance industry. By achieving the ACII, you have already demonstrated a high level of commitment, but the Fellowship shows that you have taken this commitment one step further. Acquiring FCII accreditation will further demonstrate your knowledge, experience and professionalism to the world.
In developing these access routes to the FCII, the aim has been to provide holders of the CII's Advanced Diploma/ACII with every opportunity to advance to the higher qualification, regardless of how their career has developed in the interim.
This information enables each individual to outline his or her career record in the way that best demonstrates their fitness for Fellowship. In so doing, it presents a full picture of the candidate's technical knowledge before highlighting their business skills and achievements. It thus allows individuals to present their own case, taking into account their career choices and the subsequent requirements of their employment.
Achieving Fellowship of the CII gives financial services practitioners genuine differentiation. It confirms their commitment and ability and it adds real weight to their curriculum vitae. It is tangible, objective evidence of ambition and success.
As an Associate member of the CII, you have already demonstrated considerable commitment to your own professional development, succeeding, as you have, in a wide range of subjects examined at the highest level. Fellowship of the CII shows that you have taken this commitment one stage further, demonstrating Continuing Professional Development (CPD) through a major achievement and planned acquisition of skills and knowledge. The Fellowship programme has been designed on the basis that each individual is in the best position to evaluate what development needs they have and how best to address these needs.
The programme is designed to give you control of the way you progress your own career while also working towards Fellowship. It gives you the ability to select a path to Fellowship which fits your own skills, interests and development needs.
Being a Fellow tells employers that you have a major professional qualification and that you are committed to Continuing Professional Development.

Eligibility to become a Fellow

To become a Fellow you must meet all of the following requirements:

  • be a current member of the CII (and remain a member throughout your progression to Fellowship);
  • have completed your Advanced Diploma/Associateship before enrolling on the Fellowship programme*;
  • have been employed (or self-employed) in insurance for at least four years overall;
  • be wholly or mainly engaged or employed in work connected with insurance;
  • fulfil the requirements of the Fellowship programme set out in these guidelines;
  • be able to supply records of your last three years of Continuing Professional Development (CPD);
  • meet the requirements of the Fellowship Advisory Board.