About us

The Insurance Institute of Malawi is the arm of the insurance industry in Malawi that deals with education and training. Its main objective is to promote professionalism in the insurance industry through education and training.

The Institute started operating in 1978. It has been administering examinations on behalf of the Chartered Insurance Institute of London and the Insurance Institute of South Africa. The Institute has seen so many people working in the Malawi Insurance Industry qualifying as Associates and Fellows.

The Institute has plans to establish an Insurance College in Malawi to train people working in the insurance industry and the public, more specifically those handling insurance in companies and organisations. Qualified professionals work on part time basis to prepare students for Chartered Insurance Institute of London examinations which are administered twice a year, in April and October.

We organise insurance and risk management short courses and seminars for the insurance industry and the public. 

We have monthly meetings at Blantyre Sports Club on the last Thursday of the Month.

For more information contact our secretariat.