2017 Annual Charter Dinner

The Insurance Institute Charter dinner for this year will be held on Saturday 25th February at Sunbird Mount Soche hotel under the theme “delivering our promise”

The charter dinner is an annual event and it is attended by a diverse group of people from members of the insurance industry, pension administration as well as clients from other various industries.

The event presents the perfect opportunity for networking as well as building new working relationships. On the day, we also take time to recognize, award and celebrate with students who have completed the various levels of the Chartered Insurance Institute of London examinations, which include those students who have attained the most sought after chartered status.


We have an exciting line up for the night, which includes delicious food as well as a night packed with first class entertainment.

I urge all invited guests to confirm their attendance as soon as possible so as not to miss out on this prestigious event.

Sunganani Kalizang’oma