NICO Life shines at IIM sports festival

NICO Life and all other insurers and brokers under the Insurance Institute of Malawi took time off their busy work schedules to participate in the annual Insurance Institute of Malawi (IIM) Sports Day that took place in Blantyre at the College of Medicine Sports Complex on Saturday 28th June, 2014.

The Institutes’Secretary Raheema Pillane said the sports festival, which has been held for more than a decade, aims at facilitating interaction among insurers in Malawi. To evoke the sportsman spirit in every member of IIM and to bring about the spirit for healthy competition in every participant.

The prestigious sports day had in store various sporting events like, golf, soccer, netball, volleyball, basketball, swimming, relay-race, sack race, egg throw, darts, bawo, chess, pool, table tennis, squash among others.

As usual, the staff’s children were not forgotten on the day as they were treated to a variety of games and competitions including dancing and swimming competitions.

NICO Life has participated in the fun-filled sports festival since its inception. The company’s Marketing Officer, Priscilla Soko said it was always a pleasure for NICO Life to participate in the games again this year as they provide a platform for staff to interact outside the office. She cited the event nurtures team spirit whilst keeping staff active and thusimproving their health in line with NICO Life’s corporate value of care.

After the games, the patrons were treated to a prize presentation ceremony. Unlike last year, NICO Life was in better shape this year as they managed to snag 4 awards.

The darts team managed to save the day as they won first position at the games. The netball team also performed exceptionally well and managed to land themselves at position 2 this year. The bawo team, repeated their great play and managed to, for the second year in a row, end up in second place again for the event.

To put the icing on the cake, NICO Life’s first eleven managed to get into the top three and took position number three for its great football feat at the IIM Games.